His owner told me that according to a Native American myth, dogs with different colored eyes can see both heaven and earth.
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Can’t afford the trip down to Florida to swim with the dolphins? Swim with these dolphin-esque bananas instead. 

try n close those containers

You cannot close the containers because then the dolphins couldn’t breathe, idiot astrolocherry:

You’ll Never Have To See The Sun Again - There’s Enough Light in the Eyes of Leo 
Leo is the centre of the universe, the glow bearing hub that sits there, shining - while the rest of the planets soak up its radiance in their orbit. These individuals are brimming with vivaciousness, enthusiasm, warmth and endearing spirit; and as the zodiac’s royalty, Leo are born with an intrinsic sense of leadership and generous creative flairs. Everything about this sign is larger than life - from emotions, to generosity to drama and theatrics; where an innate childlike spirit colours the lenses of their world with magic. These individuals are at home in the spotlight, and yet, as the Sun does like the Moon, retreats away to let her glow, Leo are brilliant at shining a light on the talents of others and encouraging their unique contribution to humanity. There is a sparkling and heated frequency about Leo that engages in protectiveness, charisma, empathy and genuine sincerity. Like the Sun that nourishes humanity, these individuals shine the light on the darkest moments and reattach us to the world of idealism. 
The dramatic expression of Leo is an uplifting force that conceals a deeper sensitivity. These individuals tend to make great counsellors and mentors, legacy of a spent lifetime managing their own internal darker forces and complexes. Everything about Leo is built of will, and they are loathed to commit to anything that goes against their gut instincts. As the magical, enduring light force, Leo are enchantedly gifted with the enhanced occurrence of the law of attraction; whereby their conscious will projects and manifests in reality, and the universe thus provides them with what they need. There is a natural friendliness and charm present in Leo that is both disarming and stimulating for their company; where a childlike playfulness leaves traces of fairy dust and their confident expression demands respect and adoration. Leo exude a natural sunlight that warms their company; though a special talent of these individuals is the act of teaching self love, where they assist others in finding the love and light within. No other sign of the zodiac brings as much amiability, tenderness and nourishment to people in their lives as Leo. 
The eternal luminescence projected from these individuals is nourished itself via praise, compliments and recognition. Like the Sun, Leo are the biggest stars in the zodiac, and tend to be unreserved in their spirit for life; bursting with thrill, excitement and creative expression. Purity is the gift of Leo, and they are inherently concerned with helping those who are less functional than they are; and will go into battle under any condition for a wounded soul. In their darker moments, wracked with guilt and vicious insecurities, there always lies within them an eternal summer; the warmth they leak comes from a kingdom inside, where there is sun, there is love, and there is life. 


Happy Birthday, Nicolas Chamfort, born 6 April 1741, died 13 April 1794
10 Chamfort Quotes
Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live.
There are well-dressed foolish ideas just as there are well-dressed fools.
There are certain times when public opinion is the worst of all opinions.
Happiness is not easy to find. It’s very difficult to find it in yourself — and impossible to find anywhere else.
In order not to find life unbearable, you must accept two things: the ravages of time and the injustices of man.
Every day I add to the list of things I refuse to discuss. The wiser the man, the longer the list.
Most books today seemed to have been written overnight from books read the day before.
Anyone whose needs are small seems threatening to the rich, because he’s always ready to escape their control.
There are more people who wish to be loved than there are who are willing to love.
He who leaves the game wins it.
Chamfort was born Sébastien-Roch Nicolas. He was a French writer, best known for his witty epigrams and aphorisms. He was secretary to Louis XVI’s sister, and of the Jacobin club.
by Amanda Patterson for Writers Write

Happy birthday Aries writers c:


its like there is a thirty second window between an unripe avocado and an overripe avocado 

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